Mel B. Says Stephen Got The Nanny Pregnant & Now The Two Are Trying To Extort Her

Mel B. Says Stephen Got The Nanny Pregnant & Now The Two Are Trying To Extort Her

Honestly, it’s hard to keep up with the drama currently taking place with Stephen Belafonte and Melanie Brown, Mel B. The last we reported, Stephen was requesting child support. Then yesterday, I scrolled past headlines stating that he wanted to maintain visitation rights for Mel B.’s daughter with Eddie Murphy.

Both of these things are pretty standard divorce type issues that arise in a situation that is bound to be messy. But TMZ, as they’re known to do, dug up some dirt that is not par for the course when it comes to high profile splits.
Apparently, Mel B. has obtained a restraining order against her former nanny Lorraine Gilles, after she claimed the woman was not only having sex with her husband, but she got pregnant by him and now in the process of extorting her, with the help of her husband.

A judge granted Mel B.’s lawyers a court order to search a locker rented by Gilles that Mel B believes contains sex tapes, photos Gilles and Belafonte have threatened to make public in an effort to sully her reputation.
Mel B. also says the locker contains boxes of Spice Girl memorabilia and photos of her deceased father.

This is not the first time, Mel B. has suspected Lorraine of being shady. The documents stated that Brown fired Gilles in 2015, but Belafonte went ballistic, calling Lorraine his “ride or die bitch.”

In response to her termination, Belafonte threatened to release sex videos unless Brown rehired her with a raise. Lorraine acknowledged that she was in possession of the videos and would give them to Stephen.

Well, the judge believed Brown’s story because not only did he order that Gilles stay 100 yards away from Mel B., and not harass her, he also ordered that she not remove any property from her public storage locker.



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